Rotate Stock for Freshness

About This Website


We’ve no deadlines, nothing to sell, no column length requirements, so we’re inclined to follow music anywhere it may lead us. Which is why, for instance, when we discuss Earth, Wind & Fire, we speak of blood and enterprise.

Generally, though, the more one engages with music the more analogous music is to daily life. And that, in the words of Wolfgang Tillmans, is everything.

Pulled from the mind’s furthest reaches and formed through the reasoning of creative intellect, then sent through sound into the world, music is a beautiful, inspiring, awesome expression that commands consideration from its audience. As fans of music (the audience), we find ruminating on and discussing music a rewarding activity in itself. That activity is where everything on this site begins.

In a word, the leitmotif of Rotate Stock for Freshness is exploring ideas conveyed through sound.


An Explanation of the Categories

Most everything contained on this site can be loosely filed under Reasoning, Recognition, and/or Abstraction. These categories work as follows:


Hopefully a less pretentious way of saying “here’s my theory on….” Reasoning is for getting into shit. Anyone can say “Nirvana really meant a lot to me,” but we lift the heavy dialectical box labeled, “what does it mean to have meant a lot?” Reasoning isn’t solving problems; it’s redefining them. A musical philosophy, if you will (but that sounds pretty pretentious as well).


Also known as, “I fucking love this!” Could also be known as, “I fucking hate this!” See also, “I am overwhelmingly indifferent to this!” A category where all extremes get some shine. While we enjoy the insight from dialectics, and clarifying what it means to mean, we’re also quite comfortable working within the confines of common criteria, disputing the indisputable, acknowledging the over-acknowledged, handing out some humble hyperbole….

This is the catchall for record-related musings. Think of it as creative writing at music instead of about music. We’ve taken a clue from the scientific community in establishing an organized testing ground for new ideas, aiming in the direction of new discovery, while waiting for the grant money to run out. With that, the incubation period of this category may be longer than the others, but we have hope in it hatching some whoppers.

Looking for mp3s?

While we may offer sound files as examples to points we’re making in print, this is not a download blog. We are not interested in helping you fill up your iPod or find that “mega rare mp3” you’re looking for or whatever.