Burier, hymn-singer, limiter, sargasso tussler, kiln palmer, map-loser, heart sharker, maker, take-care wisher, fader, neither-ready-to-enter-nor-ready-to-leaver, licker, Mendoza liner, liar, liar, pachinko tamperer, spreader, lotus-eater, tail dragger, former Duck Header, overnighter, rink loiterer, ringwearer, buckeye swallower, breather/hoper, Chicago damner, sifter, failer, lip-kisser, mouth-breather, wind parader, pigment sniffer, one-taker, filer, past-the-margins writer, rubber of books beneath their covers, lover of daughters, bringer of sons, forgetter of coffee, teller of The Parable Of The Swords, coiler of snake, keeper of summer hours, semi-reformed faker of the funk, watermelon-head, marina affiliate, dumb-like-a-painter monomaniac, Aries, rotten belly, saxifrage, greyhound, bull in the heather, owl in the clover, cottage for sale.